Terms & Conditions

Personal & Activities

By registering as a member at Jecoplay you agree to provide original information in the form of an email, and IP address and agree to us being able to see all the activities you do on Jecoplay. To monitor all your activities, we use a personal system and are assisted by Google Analytics.

3rd Party Ads & Games

Basically, the games available on Jecoplay do not belong to and license Jecoplay itself. We include several games that have free licenses to embed on the page. That way, if you find advertisements from games that do not belong to us. You must agree that you accept and will not complain to Jecoplay for the advertisement.


By becoming a member of Jecoplay, you agree to see the advertisements available on every Jecoplay page. and do not simply delete them using Ad-Block or anything similar. This is a private advertisement, and we can control it, meanwhile for advertisements from Networks like Google Adsense and others, you agree to see any type of advertisement.

Your income

By becoming a member of Jecoplay, you are willing and agreeing to all the amount of your income here, both from playing games for a few minutes, and claiming bonuses. And, you also agree that money that has not been requested withdrawal is not yours, and fully ours. When the money you have on Jecoplay has been withdrawn, it is completely yours.

Invite Friends

By becoming a Jecoplay member, you agree to follow the rules by not creating fake accounts for the benefit of your personal referral income. Either you force your friends to register or create multiple accounts of yourself. Also, do not use the platform: PTC, PTP, PTV, or the like to get referrals.

Deposits & Withdrawal

By making a deposit to Jecoplay, you agree that the money sent to us means that it becomes our property, and is completely under our control. And you have no more rights for that money other than what is on Jecoplay to buy. By making a withdrawal, you agree and are willing to bear the fees that have been stated, and wait for the payment to be completed in the process.

Account Banned

By becoming a Jecoplay member, you are willing and agreeing to be banned from Jecoplay members if you violate all of the terms and regulations that have been made above.

Privacy & Support

By registering and becoming a member of Jecoplay, you agree to provide your personal information such as email address and IP address that you use. Jecoplay really values your privacy. We will never share your important information such as your IP address, Email Address and Jecoplay username.

If you need the help of the Jecoplay team, we will always be ready to help and answer your (important) questions regarding problems at Jecoplay. To be able to contact us, please go to the "Support page" to get our contact information.